Dear all,

A small yet powerful intiative towards our nation
*Plantable,bio-degradable seed paper-Indian flag🇮🇳*

We wear it on our chest, we embrace it on special days as a symbol of our love for the nation, celebrating the Indian in us.Yet, after every Independence Day and Republic Day, we see the flag lying on the streets all crumpled up or simply tossed into a pit or thrown down a drain.

We thought of starting something NEW.
When seed paper Indian flag 🇮🇳 is planted respectfully in the soil or even a potted soil, you will be amazed to see a plant after few days of nurturing. Even if anybody discards the flag on the ground, though it shouldn’t be done, the paper decompose and seed within it germinate into plant.

What the best way than this to celebrate the Independence day. Where without much effort We are giving back our nation a promise to make India greener and better place for us to dwell.

Let’s celebrate the Independence day by doing our bit. Say yes to plantable 🌎 seed paper Indian flag and *No to plastic flag.*

*As you Sow So shall You Reap*

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Shipped & Delievery at Chennai only (till 14th august).